New Year, New Me!
Pastor Gary has used this summer to focus on himself most selflessly!
In campus ministry, summers are super important! How we use our summers as college missionaries profoundly impacts the semester, we have in the upcoming fall and spring.

In typical fashion, summers are for doubling up on family fun. As campus ministers, the grunt of our ministry happens sixteen weeks at a time, and we often spend a lot of serving the campus and pouring into students' lives. As a result, there is a slight reduction in family time, so we are careful to prioritize our wives and children in the summers.

In addition to family fun, we spend a great deal of our time raising funds for our upcoming year on campus. Our ministry at UHart is possible because of the generosity of others who have partnered with us in sowing financially. From May to August, we visit churches, send out support letters and materials, and schedule support meetings to inform others of the work we do at the university and how they can be a part of it through their generosity.

Lastly, summers are for fall planning! In the summer, I seek God and pray about what He would have us do in the fall, and I begin to plan and strategize with others accordingly. We layout the groundwork for the message series, finalize plans for our first two weeks on campus, and so much more.

But this year we've done all that and some more.

By the grace of God, I have prioritized my health and well-being this summer as well! Through discipline, structure, community, and the help of God, I have lost to date 71 pounds total since April 5, 2021. I went from weighing 381 pounds at the end of the spring semester to weighing 310 before the start of the fall semester.

I no longer suffer from hypertension, and my doctor has completely taken me off my medication. For the first time in a long time, my mind feels sharp, my energy levels are high, and my enthusiasm and zeal for what I believe God can do on campus have been restored and renewed.

I say this humbly yet firmly because it is true, I am more fit for the Master's use than I ever was before. I can't wait to be used by God in new and impactful ways now that my health is no longer an obstacle to fulfill all the vision God has deposited in me for the University of Hartford!

I can wait to jump into this new semester, and I'm so excited to be doing it healthier than ever! You should join me!
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