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It Feels Like Death and It Should!
October 3, 2019 | Gary Knighton
Most of us if not all of us have heard of some variation of the phrase "what feels good may not always be good for you."

Unfortunately, I do not think that we have done well in applying this line of thinking to our spiritual lives, especially when it comes to issues of the flesh.

We have taken on the notion that suffering or pain is somehow evil and not a part of the Christian experience. And as a result, we avoid anything that does not result in pleasure. And we have done so to our spiritual detriment. Because of this, many Christians fail to crucify their flesh daily and instead give in to their passions and desires.

Let me straightforward with you, putting away your worldly and fleshly desires is going to hurt, and it is going to feel like a part of you is dying and it should because a part of you is dying, your flesh. Remember that the part of you dying is the part of you that needs to die for the new man, new nature in you to live and thrive in Christ. Both natures cannot thrive; it's one or the other, and ultimately, it's up to you to choose which one does.

Be encouraged that as the old nature dies and is crucified, the new man, new life in you has the opportunity now to flourish and blossom. And that flourishing will bring you much more than pleasure it will bring you joy in the Holy Spirit. Joy, not happiness, is what our inner man needs to thrive; it is our strength.

So let it die so that you can truly live in Christ.

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