Photo Story #2
Push Through The Fog
Dec.15, 2020
I never prepared for fog.

My model, Darrell, and I got up at the very top of the morning as planned to catch the beautiful light of sunrise for our shoot.

And much to our surprise, the roads were covered with dense, heavy fog. Darrell called me, as he was leaving his house, and said "Do you see this?"

I replied, "Yes, but the morning sun should burn it off." So we proceed as planned.

As the drive continued, it became clear that the mist had no plans of letting up for at least the next few hours.

At that moment, we have a choice, go home and go forward, and we chose to go forward.

At first, I wasn't thrilled at the look of the photos but as I accepted the circumstances and got creative, using the fog to our advantage.

We realized that the fog was adding character to the shots and that was something that we could work with.

Toward the end of the photoshoot, we were walking back to the car and stopped to take snap a few last photos, we noticed that the fog was clearing.

The lesson that Darrell and I mutually learn that day was that in the time we spend waiting for things to get better, or for the fog to clear up, we could have got the job done.
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