Be Here Through Prayer
February 21, 2020 | Gary Knighton
College students need your prayers. Each semester I give a list of things parents can do to support their students and the ministry. Among the six things I suggest, one of those things is prayer.
I ask parents to join us in praying over the holistic well-being of their students.

It's not that I don't think students are praying for their students, but I do so to remind them that they are not powerless even though they are thousands of miles away from their students for the first time. Through the power of prayer, they can be in their student's dorm room, impacting their day before a problem or temptation arises.

I want you to know the same thing. You may not be able to serve with us (though you are welcome to if you live in the area), or you may not be on our financial support team (many are, there is room for you, I think you would love it). However, through prayer, you can most definitely affect the lives of college students at the University of Hartford and other colleges around the globe.

I can tell you better than anyone that there are so many real-life issues going on now in the lives of our students and alumni that need prayer. Many days I am taken back by what students and alums tell me, sometimes I have stopped praying, at the moment, and talk to them directly because they need immediate guidance.

Your prayers are needed. Your service is welcome, and your financial support is crucial, but your prayers move the hand of God!

I think a place and pace to start at is devoting one prayer time during your week to pray over college students that you know, students at UHart, and students all over the world.

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