Gary Knighton
College Missionary at UHart
I help students at the University of Hartford find meaningful community, live on mission, and prepare to influence the culture for decades to come.
Why The University of Hartford?
The University of Hartford is like no other place on the planet. Students from 46 states and 40 countries come here to prepare themselves to compete in global economy. To say that UHart is influential is an understatement. Even so, the need for the gospel here is great!

By God's grace, I serve the University in two unique ways. First, I am the Protestant Chaplain and spread-head protestant campus ministries at the University. Secondly, I am the lead pastor of a collegiate church plant started 6 years to serve students at the University. Through these roles I am able to shepherd and equip these students for the work of ministry on campus and beyond.

Without us, our team, at the University of Hartford, hundreds of Christians students would be left alone to shepherd themselves in an environment that is becoming increasingly more intolerant. As a result, students would not trained and equipped to share the gospel with their peers. Moreover, thousands of students would not have to the opportunity to hear the gospel and feel the love of Christ.
We Believe God wants to transform the UNiversity of Hartford
Join us in Audacious Faith!
We will tell 400 emerging leaders at the University of Hartford about the life- changing, world-shaping plans Jesus has for their lives by 11:59 pm on May 13th, 2020!
Join us in Faith
The University campus is the most strategic mission field on the planet!
The world sends its leaders to college to prepare to shape and influence to the future. The university campus is the epicenter of emerging culture and 77% of college campus do not have Christian witness on campus. The body of Christ must place reaching the university campus at the top of its to-do-list. If we don't we will continue to lose some of our brightest individuals to secular culture, see media content that confuses our children, and laws passed that endanger the most vulnerable. The University campus is the most strategic mission field on the planet, and God is calling us to reach for His glory and the good of others!
How To Get On-board
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I would love to schedule a time to share the vision and mission of the Hope 4 UHart campaign. I know time is scarce, so support meeting are only 30 minutes.Schedule yours today!
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I would love to meet at a local coffee shop and talk about the vision over coffee. If that's not an option, meeting via video chat or even a phone call.
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14 How, then, can they call on him they have not believed in? And how can they believe without hearing about him? And how can they hear without a preacher? And how can they preach unless they are sent?
Our partners
Ministering to and mobilizing students would be impossible if it were not for our amazing partner churches and ministries. Your church, ministry, or organization is invited to join in on this joy!
"The harvest is abundant,
but the workers are few." - Jesus
Ways to Partner
Discover the many ways you can partner to transform lives of students from all over the world!
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Looking to make a contribution toward an event we are hosting on campus for students? No problem, we can help you with that!
The events we host not simply for fun and fellowship, they're evangelistic and missional!

Our students and staff are trained to not to just hang in their circles but to look for new people, build a rapport, and schedule to meet with them later for a gospel appointment.

When you support events you are literally support the greater works that our students and the disciples they make will do in Jesus name. Now that's something I know I get behind any day of week.
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What Others Have Said
Johnathan Williams
Alumnus '18
P. Gary searches continually to find better tactics to share the Love of God with the students on the UHart campus. Not only does he accomplish this through his preaching and teaching, but also through his interactions with people on and off campus. P. Gary, along with his team, have worked hard to create an atmosphere of true worship and have provided a place of comfort, in Christ, on campus.
Shelcie Charlot
Current Student '21
He's so down to earth! A TRUE man of God who is very open to pray with you and talk to you about anything! I met him through Faith Fellowship at my school & it was the best thing that has happened to me at that school this far! Through that I have encountered some of the people I'm friends with today. You're awesome Pastor
Dr. Williams Clark
Pastor of Living Faith Church, Current Supporter
I believe in his vision. I believe the foundation he is laying is preparing young adults to make a kingdom impact in the marketplace.
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